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Company culture

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  Tinyway Group values have strengthened our organization, shaped our culture and guided behavior on the job for more than years. These values support us 5 years growth, a set of strategic guideposts for operating our businesses to achieve long-term success. We expect the company’s values to be followed at all times across the company.



We act with honesty, fairness, respect and safety, furthering a culture of unquestioned integrity. This strengthens relationships across the businesses and functions.



We believe that every employee is the fundamental of our prosperity, we encourage everyone to bring concept or idea to his or her business, and tiny the way or method to reach the goal ahead of us, it's believed that we can achieve next brilliant achievements through our creative and innovative work.



We believe that the Continuous Improvement generates competitive advantage, business growth, high quality, added value, business success. Hence, we need every employee engagement in the improvement through our development, manufacturing and every business activities, to provide our customer best quality and competitive cost.



It's our responsibilities to contribute to the creation of a better society with our products and a better living environment, we devote ourselves to improve the business environment, including rapid growth in emerging markets and innovation in our products, we have been working closely with our partners, including our customers and the community, to create value to our customer and world. It’s expected that the shareholders, customers, suppliers. Local communities and all employees are repaid through our responsible effort.

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