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       Since the foundation in 2009,Tinyway has adhered to the corporate principle of"Make customer success",Proactively promote the innovative design,focus on the development of high efficiency,environmentally and low noise of motor,and provide the solution for the stable and reliable electric drive system. Constantly introduce advanced equipments,to create a stable and reliable production system. Tinyway is pursuing consistent excellence quality backed by reliability assessment and KANBAN production management,and offering a wide range of products to enrich the car lives of our customers.More>>



Carbon-brush motor S699-80001
Automotive Products:Car Seat
Distinctive Features
1:The drive motor is designed to be the compact sized motor for car seat ap


Brushless motor H599-80001
Automotive Products:Automobile wheel hub motor
Distinctive Features
1:The drive motor is designed for car wheel hun applications.

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The 12th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

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China (Beijing) International Gear Transmission & Equipm

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